Thursday 19 September 2013

Grade 9 Arabic Language Class Registration

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Want to save your weekends and still take Arabic? Most Arabic language classes in Ottawa are offered on weekends! Well, not this Arabic class. This class is offered on weekdays! Interested? Well then, read on!

Please note that this class is only available to Abraar School Grade 9 students. We need a minimum of 15 students to be registered before we can secure funding for the Grade 9 Arabic class in order to offer it to our students. Please use this form to register for the class. The class will most likely start in October and will be offered at 3:15 pm. The number of classes offered per week will depend on the availability of the teacher. Please submit the student's name if you are interested in registering for the class.

This class will be offered as an optional credit and can be used towards the total credits requirement for high school.

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